Federation education makes a move back to face to face 

Aug 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

The Council is running warms hubs across all its community centres in Belfast to ensure older people have a warm space to go this winter. 

Warm spaces,Warm welcomes

Our community centres are opening their doors this winter to support older people in the community.
Our warm spaces warm welcomes campaign will see each community centre dedicate time each week for older people to drop into their local centre for company, chat and a hot cuppa.

Belfast City Council

Federation education makes a move back to face to face, following two years of online PBL’s during the pandemic. We officially started back to face to face education with North Down and Ards PBL on 14th September.

We delivered: clinical updates on cardiology and inhaler techniques; heard from representatives from QUB and UU, on the benefits of undergraduate teaching; and deaf awareness training for administrative staff.

Feedback from the day has been extremely positive to date and it was great to see colleagues networking together again.