GP Practice Management Handbook Launch

This project was undertaken by the Practice Managers Advisory Group (PMAG) in Eastern FSU after a need was identified to develop a comprehensive practice management reference guide, specific to Northern Ireland. The handbook has primarily been developed to aid new practice managers (and other staff) with induction into the Primary Care setting; but we also hope it will become a supportive resource for existing managers in their day-to-day business operations.

The project’s working group was comprised of Lorna Sims (Practice Manager and member of PMAG), Elly McGinn (Operations Manager EFSU and Chair of PMAG), Thomas Quinn (PSM, SPPG), Laura Mullan (PSM, SPPG) and Paula Douglas (PICRT).

The group first commenced work on the Handbook in February 2023 and met several times throughout the year to review content and coordinate updates and contribution submissions.

The first working draft of the handbook was completed in September 2023, which was provided to a few individuals for review and feedback. The 1st Edition was completed in November 2023.

This was a collaborative working project between EFSU staff, Practice Managers, SPPG, PICRT, HSC Pensions, BSO, NICAN and more. 

The handbook will be updated on a yearly basis by the project working group.


Feedback on the document is welcomed and suggestions for content/edits will be taken into consideration by the project group, please email any suggestions to